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Kevin Buck in Times Square

Where I'm Going

Where I Came From

I started playing music in 5th grade - I took trumpet lessons in the gym ball closet at Cooper Elementary School in Hastings MN, because that is the only place Mr. Swanson (the band teacher) could have kids honking horns without bothering the rest of the school.   Mom didn't have to push me to practice an hour a day.  It was automatic.


As I got into highschool I kept on with the  trumpet, marching band, stage band, etc...but then my  friend Mark introduced me to the guitar and when  we formed a band and then  life  changed dramatically.    It was crazy.  We played local dances and had a lot of fun with music.  Then off to college.


As I got older, I became involved in a number of bands and music programs and while the (4) kids were getting older, I enjoyed having music as a hobby. 


However, over the last 5 years or so, I have felt a definite stirring to get out and do more music.   So I started doing a solo acoustic show, which has now evolved into a rather serious pursuit.   


Now I play in a  variety of venues in the  Northern region as often as I can, entertaining audiences from  young to old, and all in between with a great selection of fun and engaging material.  

I have been working on tribute shows reflecting the work of various legendary artists like Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Elton John, the Eagles, Neil Young, Roy Orbison, as well as more contemporary artists like Five For Fighting, Zac Brown, Ed Sheerhan, and Chris Stapleton.   

I do a  variety of music from a variety of decades and genres.  I do SOME jazz, SOME country, SOME rock, folk, blues, and classic American  songs that everyone  knows.

I play music on trains, in pubs, on the streets, in churches, and anywhere generally that I get an invitation.  All my shows are appropriate for all ages.  

Usually my sets are 2-3 hours in length, but I can also do longer or shorter shows.

A good  fit  for me is generally low key venues looking for some ambient music to support conversation.  Those are generally set between 6-9  pm.   My sound system is perfect for this.  Small, compact, and not too loud.


Later night shows from 9:00 are when people are more interested in louder,  rowdier music.    I reserve songs that are more engaging for later night shows, as often guests jump up on the stage with me to belt out a favorite song.  It's all about having fun.


i am not huge on any of these things at least not for now.  I am dong a little recording when I have time, and you can find a few of my basement studio recordings here  on this site.  But as for now, no plans to head to Nashville any time soon.   That could change in a moment I suppose.  :)  We'll see how things go.